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checking your phone in the middle of the night



you’re really cute and its ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time


  • makes post
  • waits 2 seconds 
  • no notes 
  • deletes post 
  • packs bags 
  • leaves home 
  • builds new life in woods
  • lives with shame forever  
  • lots of shame 
  • like 6 shame 


People are already getting excited about Halloween and by people I mean me.

"Don’t mistake activity with achievement."
-― John Wooden (via psych-quotes)

the “text me when you get home so i know you’re safe” kind of people are the kind of people i wanna be around

"I didn’t realize it, but the days came along one after another, and then two years were gone, and everything was gone, and I was gone."

F. Scott Fitzgerald (via svnk)


(via ocheano)